Hello and welcome to my cosplaytumblr! I'm a 1992-model, born and raised in the cold land of Norway. I've cosplayed since 2008, but it wasn't until 2012 I started sewing my own costumes. I usually cosplay from hetalia, but I also cosplay from many other shows, bot anime, comics and irl movies. I go to conventions as often as I can, and I love meeting fellow cosplayers and fans!
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What.. why.. where did he even come from?
and the examplephoto he used is from 2012 :S

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We’re returning to England in october to attend expo.


Gonna be awesome!

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Van Gogh Cosplay



Cosplayer: Maud http://mezzogiornovargas.tumblr.com
Photographer: Przemyslaw Iskra facebook.com/TheAnnoyingPhotographer

Respect the artists. You may reblog this post but…
Please do not delete the source / Please do not post elsewhere

You look amazing!

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I burnt myself on a pizza and dropped it on the floor upside down.. so I felt sorry for myself and bought some new comics.

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guess who just saw episode 5 guys

i cried like a lil bitch

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We have this sign in our house, and I connect to it on a deeper level.

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cosplay by hjernedaud
Photo by xwingwookie

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People are so fucking stupid it hurts..

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I’ve been dropping followers like crazy this week