Hello and welcome to my cosplaytumblr! I'm a 1992-model, born and raised in the cold land of Norway. I've cosplayed since 2008, but it wasn't until 2012 I started sewing my own costumes. I usually cosplay from hetalia, but I also cosplay from many other shows, bot anime, comics and irl movies. I go to conventions as often as I can, and I love meeting fellow cosplayers and fans!
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Our American studies professor didn’t show up for lecture, and no one can get a hold of him. P sure he’s abducted by aliens.

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Anonymous Asked:
Your'e boyfriend is a fag! I cant believe you havent dumped him yet :P

We’re fags together, don’t you see? Two fags living in forever harmony in the land of gays!

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Star Trek Stabilized »

it looks like a really awesome song came on the radio and they’re all just boogying to it

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Finally finished my T’pring cosplay! <3

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mezzogiornovargas said: Ugh indeed. Some artist just need to claim human anatomy like they invented it.

You can take a look and the transparent here, and you will see that yes, the pose is similar, but no the lines doesn’t match up at all.
Mine is the one on top, with the dark background.

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Woke up to someone accusing me of stealing and tracing their art..
And, no I didn’t trace them, and the lines doesn’t match up at all, so I have no idea why they think I traced them except that the pose is similar.

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Cute poop

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Anonymous Asked:
Are you gay?? I.we seen you posting alot of yaoiandstuff, just wondering ^,..,^


Ehh wat is?

No I,m no a gay, I got an awesome gf and love her more than everything in the entire world ^^!

And well Yaoi is cool and shit, so…No homo

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Shamelessly posting Spirk to the end of the universe!
Sorry for going overboard with the green shading.. it was just so fun T^T