Hello and welcome to my cosplaytumblr! I'm a 1992-model, born and raised in the cold land of Norway. I've cosplayed since 2008, but it wasn't until 2012 I started sewing my own costumes. I usually cosplay from hetalia, but I also cosplay from many other shows, bot anime, comics and irl movies. I go to conventions as often as I can, and I love meeting fellow cosplayers and fans!
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I tried some sloppy make-up for Clear, just to get the feel of how to use white mascara and robot-effect.

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Anonymous Asked:
Whats it like being a cosplayer? is it hard making cosplays?


This is pretty much it. This is how it feels.

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I went to a cosplaymeeting at the zoo today, and I got to meet this amazing cute snake! :D

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I LOVE shopping on alsotao, it’s just so cheap! And I seem to find everything I need for my cosplays! :’D

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Watching episode 2 of Haikyuu! and this.. sorta happened..

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I WANT TO DO A COuple cosplay rly bad and kiss and stuff i wanna feel the otp within me

(via moist-rosebud)

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In an army hospital the staff heal the bodies and souls of men wounded in the trenches. 

Marianne Oldham, Oona Chaplin and Alice St Clair star in #TheCrimsonField, brand new Original British Drama on BBC One.

Just started watching this show, I hope it will be good! :D

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Me cosplaying as Judar, photo by mariavenged

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Me and hjernedaud had a mini photoshoot in the hallway at Hilton. We had planned to take pictures earlier that day, but time flew by and suddenly it was getting dark outside. I tried to be all serious, but I had forgotten I had flowers in my hair. 

We’re both bringing these costumes to Banzaicon as well. 

We look so dramatic! >w<

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Kitacon cosplay part 2

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Hey, there’s me and hjernedaud again! And moist-rosebud

Whoa! A photo that isn’t me derping in front of a selfie! :D